Mannatec Data to QuickBooks

Mannatec™ is a card processing system marketed by FleetCor, a global credit card processor. This card processing system is used to capture POS Sales data from gas stations of gasoline retail firms. The Mannatec™ system has the capability to produce a transaction file named M-Tran for use in other systems.

Users of this system have both pay-as-you-go individual customers as well as commercial customer accounts. For commercial accounts the gasoline retail firm has to accumulate the sales transactions and invoice the customers on a periodic basis. This POS sales data has to be updated into the accounting system for use in the periodic invoice generation. The gasoline retail firms use accounting systems such as QuickBooks for their accounting purposes.

The QXchange data integration tool has been successfully used to solve this problem for customers.

There are many challenges in making sure that the integration of the data is successfully and reliably accomplished. The following are a few of the challenges facing an integration effort and how QXchange was used to reliably solve them.

Customer Account determination
The Mannatec™ system uses a number to indicate the customer account, whereas the QuickBooks accounting system uses descriptive names to indicate accounts. The Mannatec™ account number is stored in an additional field on the Customer record in QuickBooks. Because of this, updates of invoices fail due to missing Customer names.

QXchange has the ability to look up the actual customer name for a given account number, even if the account number is stored on a miscellaneous field on the QuickBooks customer record. By using the lookup, the right customer name is used while creating invoices.

Product code mapping
The Mannatec™ system uses a two digit number to indicate the product code, whereas the QuickBooks accounting system uses descriptive and hierarchical item codes. Without the right item code, the updates of invoices fail. QXchange has the ability to look up item description for given item codes. By setting up a set of item code records that map Mannatec™ codes to QuickBooks Item codes and using the lookup functionality, QXchange is able to supply the correct Item codes as part of the QuickBooks updates.

Sales Tax Processing
Sales tax records from the M-Tran have to be removed before updating into the accounting system, since the accounting system will automatically calculate sales taxes. This is easily done in QXchange by specifying filters, while processing the input file. Sales tax records are removed automatically prior to the invoice being updated

Invoice Line and Header creation
The M-Tran file does not have a header and detail structure to directly map to the invoice header and detail structure available in QuickBooks. QXchange can transform the input file into both an invoice header and subsequent invoice detail updates, so that the complete invoice is created for a set of records.

There are other challenges in updating QuickBooks from M-Tran. The QXchange implementation team can successfully help you navigate the challenge and help you save time and effort in this process

“The QXchange product was able to take care of my integration needs right out of the box. And the QXchange team solved all the other usual data issues that come up in such a project, very quickly. They worked very closely with me and solved every issue. I am very happy I found QXchange.” - Rich Bartels. Goose Island Corporation".

- Rich Bartels. Goose Island Corporation