QXchange Screen Shots

Transformation Ability

Data items can be mapped from any source recordset to target recordset. While mapping, the data item names do not have to be the same.

View Data

Any dataset object can be selected and the data from that can be immediately viewed in a datasheet view, without actually running the ETL process. The data can be copied and pasted into Excel.

Salesforce as Target

QXchange supports access to many different data formats. These data formats can be types of files (fixed length, comma delimited), type of database (Access, MySQL) or type of application (QuickBooks).


QXchange has a full complement of pre-built excel-like functions to apply against data items. This provides very sophisticated data manipulation activities.


QXchange allows tight integration with windows task scheduler, that can be use to run the profiles at the desired type.

Demo Videos

Salesforce Accounts to Sage50 Customers Integration
Sage50 to Xero Customer Integration
Sage 50 to Xero Invoice Integration