Difficulty of Data Integration

Extracting data from business applications and making it available for other applications or for further business use has become an important need for large and small businesses. In addition, extracting data from applications on a periodic basis for use in reporting and analysis, has been a difficult task.

Traditionally the IT staff had to be relied upon to do this task. A primary reason for this is the complexity of the tools involved in extracting and transferring data. 
Business users and analysts as well as IT staff have needed a simpler and easier to use tool to extract data or to transfer data from system to system.

The system should ideally understand the unique nature of the application or data format in consideration. It should still provide powerful extract and data conversion features. At the same time, the ease of use in getting the tool to produce useful results, should be heavily emphasized.

Solution to Consider

QXchange is a very easy to use, data integration software. The user interface is very simple and intuitive. Users can start using the application with no training. Most of the uses that the business users are faced with, can be easily established and executed from this tool. Data can be easily mapped by just dragging and dropping them to the right areas.

QXchange is very flexible and allows the conversion of data in a very simple manner. Excel like functions are used to convert the data. Most users are familiar with these functions from their experience on Excel.

QXchange can quickly and easily transfer data between many standard data formats and applications. Data formats include Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, QuickBooks, and others. It simplifies all of these various data formats so that they look exactly the same from a user perspective.

It allows simple and clear setup of extraction instructions. These instructions can be saved and re-executed as often as necessary. The instructions can also be set up to run on a specific schedule, such as weekly runs.