Goose Island Corp

QXchange integrates FleetCor’s Mannatec™ M-Trans data with QuickBooks for Goose Island Corp.

Goose Island Corp (GIC) is an independent gasoline retail firm with multiple gas stations. Located in Fisher Island, New York, GIC continues to grow rapidly and finds ways to automate its operations to increase its profitability.

GIC had recently adopted the Mannatec™ card processing system from FleetCor, a global fleet credit card processor. With the new card processing system, the task of entering the retain data into accounting systems for accounting and billing purposes had become overwhelming.

After more than a month of struggling with this task, Rich Bartels, the owner of GIC, started researching ways to automate the process. He wasn’t able to find any solutions from FleetCor or QuickBooksTM. He even attempted to create the integration himself using some basic information such as file layouts from the vendors. Luckily he received a recommendation from a business colleague to try out QXchange. After a quick review of the solution, he decided to buy the QXchange solution and engage the QXchange team to integrate his data needs.

The team reviewed the Mannatec™ M-trans data layouts and in a matter of days was able to get the integration working and process two months worth of data. Problems such as mapping the product codes between M-Trans and QuickBooks were solved by the QXchange team. There were multiple data and processing issues and the QuickBooks expertise of the QXchange team was invaluable in getting those problems identified and solved.

“The QXchange product was able to take care of my integration needs right out of the box.”, Rich said. “And the QXchange team solved all the other usual data issues that come up in such a project, very quickly. They worked very closely with me and solved every issue. I am very happy I found QXchange.”