QXchange Integration with SQL Server


QXchange is a powerful and easy to use data integration tool to access, integrate and manage large volumes of data from various systems. Extraction, transformation and loading of data are powered by QXchange with source and target database support.

QXchange is flexible, easy to use, data integration software. It can quickly and easily transfer data between many standard data formats and applications, including MS Access, Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS SQL Server, QuickBooks, Salesforce.com, ODBC, MySQL, and others. It allows simple and clear setup of extraction, transformation and loading instructions to exchange data between different formats. Theinstructions are stored and managed as profiles.

SQL Server hosts a vast repository of data from numerous systems across multiple organizations. In contrast, MySQL Server offers straightforward accessibility and usability, catering to the needs of numerous companies. Additionally, SQL Server's expansive capabilities encompass advanced features tailored to enterprise-level requirements, setting it apart from MySQL Server in terms of scalability and robustness


A SQL Server SQL client connection with SQL Server authentication involves establishing a secure link between a client application and a SQL Server database using username and password credentials. This method authenticates users directly with the SQL Server instance, providing secure access to database resources while ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.


Communication between QXchange and the SQL Server database is based on a client/server model. QXchange communicates with the SQL Server client, and the client interacts with the SQL Server database to retrieve the data for QXchange.

Importing Data

QXchange accelerates data import processes within SQL Server databases, ensuring swift and efficient transfer. It empowers users with flexible data filtering and formatting options tailored to specific needs, while also providing a comprehensive preview of the data pre-filtering. Moreover, it streamlines database maintenance tasks, allowing for easy prioritization and efficient management.

Exporting Data

QXchange streamlines the seamless transfer of data into SQL Server databases, ensuring smooth integration. It enables a refined data viewing experience post-filtering, offering recision and clarity.

Source Data

SQL Server enables the extraction of source data and access to various objects. Field level data from these objects can be extracted and mapped to destination objects and fields in different data formats. Data from multiple objects can be accessed using SQL Server. Multiple profiles can be set up to extract data from various objects. Source data can also be filtered using various expressions. Prior to executing the extraction process, the source data can be viewed to ensure the correct records are being selected.

Target Data

SQL Server allows the data to be pushed into the respective data tables. Additionally, QXchange supports creating new tables and fields in the target SQL Server. QXchange utilizes bulk methods to push the data into the target SQL Server.

  • Ability to pull real-time transaction data from transaction sources and process it
  • Retrieve leads data from CRM systems and utilize it for the sales process.
  • Obtain invoices and lines from SQL-based financial systems and process them.

QXchange does a tremendous job, understanding the intricacies of the SQL Server data structure as well as the complications inherent in the data integration process. With this ability it integrates the two systems in such a manner that the complexity to the customer is reduced to a minimal level.