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QXchange is a flexible, easy to use, data integration software. It can quickly and easily transfer data between many standard data formats and applications, including MS Access, Excel, Comma delimited flat file, MS SQL Server, QuickBooks, and others. It allows simple and clear setup of extraction, transformation and loading instructions to exchange data between different formats. The instructions are stored and managed as profiles.

Benefits of QXchange - Data Integration Software

QXchange can be used for many data related tasks. Tasks can include extraction of data from various databases and applications, conversion of data from one type to another, migration of data from one system to another, etc.

Some examples include:

  • Extract Opportunities from and create Customer Jobs and Sales orders in QuickBooks.
  • Extract Accounts from and create Customers in QuickBooks.
  • Extract Invoices from QuickBooks and update opportunities in
  • Extract Accounts and Opportunities from and create them as an Access database for further reporting.
  • Extract Leads from and create them as an Excel file for forwarding to marketing activities.
  • Extract a series of Excel files and convert them into Fixed-length text files to feed another system.
  • Load a set of comma-delimited text files into a MS SQL Server database.
  • Get orders entered from an online e-commerce system and load them into QuickBooks as Sales Orders and Invoices.
  • Get customer data entered online and create Customers in QuickBooks.
  • Get vendor data entered online and create Vendors in QuickBooks.

System Requirements

QXchange is an on-premises, installed application. It runs on Windows compatible machines.

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and Higher
Processor Intel based processors are compatible (1.5 GHz or Above)
Memory 2GB or Above of hard disk space.
Modules Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1 or above
Other Requirements Recommended Screen Resolution: 1024x768

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