QXchange Online

QXchange Online is flexible, easy-to-use, online ETL (Extraction – Transformation – Loading) software. It can quickly and easily transfer data between Salesforce.com, QuickBooks Online and Dynamics CRM.

With QXchange Online you can Access/Integrate the data between the files which is present in your local system from anywhere. We are supporting Excel, TextFile, and MS Access.

Benefits of QXchange - Data Integration Software

QXchange can be used for many data related tasks. Tasks can include extraction of data from applications, conversion of data from one type to another, migration of data from one system to another, etc.

Some examples include:

  • Extract Opportunities from Salesforce.com and create Customers and Invoices in QuickBooks Online.
  • Extract Accounts from Salesforce.com and create Customers in QuickBooks Online.
  • Extract Invoices from QuickBooks Online and update opportunities at Salesforce.com
  • Extract Accounts and Opportunities from Salesforce.com and create them as accounts and opportunities in Dynamics CRM.
  • Load the Leads from Salesforce.com into Salesforce.com.
  • Get the List of customers from QuickBooks Online with their addresses.

Click below to sign up your QXchange Online account

As part of registration, an activation email will be sent to your registered email address. After successful activation, use your login credentials to get into QXchange Online.

 QXchange allows you to save the ETL instructions which can be reused later. The saved instructions are called as “Profile”. These profile is used to do the data transfer process. A windows tool is used to create the QXchange Profile is called “QXchange Lite”. After login into QXchange Online user can download and install QXchange Lite. This tool helps the user to create new profile as well as modify the existing profiles.

Setup Profile in QXchange Online:
Profiles which got created in the QXchange Lite will appear in the QXchange Online.

Create/Edit Profile:
For downloading QXchange Lite. We can Edit or create a profile using QXchange Lite.

Change Connection:
Upon using the existing profiles, user needs to change the Source and Target connection details. To do that, there is an action is available to change the connection parameters of Salesforce.com and QuickBooks Online.

Run Data Transfer:

We can do Data Transfer with one Click. Create a profile using QXchange Lite and do Data Transfer whenever you want from your account.

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