CellarStone Inc. Announces QXchange’s 50th Direct Integration

Half Moon Bay, California – July 19, 2022 – CellarStone Inc., provider of the leading sales commission software in the market as well as sales performance management software and other solutions, is excited to share that QXchange has now reached a milestone of 50 DAPs.

QXchange is CellarStone Inc.’s data integration software. It is used in QCommission and Easy-Commission so that the two sales commission software by CellarStone are able to integrate with other tools and software successfully. QXchange can also be used independently from QCommission and Easy-Commission.

DAPs are Data Access Plug-Ins and these are what CellarStone Inc. use in order to connect or integrate one software or tool with another. This enables businesses to transfer data easily and securely from one tool to another without having to manually extract and load.

Here is the full list of all 50 QXchange DAPs for your reference:

1. Access

2. AccountingSeed


4. Agency Works

5. CCC One

6. ConnectWise Manage®

7. Dear Inventory

8. Dynamics CRM

9. DynamicsAX

10. EFI Radius

11. Excel

12. Great Plains

13. Hubspot

14. Infusionsoft

15. Intacct

16. Magento

17. Mantis BT

18. MAS500

19. MaxBlox

20. MySql

21. Netchex

22. NetSuite

23. ODBC

24. OneSourceHCMS

25. OracleFusion CRM

26. Paypal

27. Peachtree

28. QCommission

29. QuickBooks® Desktop

30. QuickBooks® Online

31. Report

32. Sage 50

33. Salesforce

34. ServiceTitan

35. Shopify

36. SoS Inventory

37. SQL Server

38. SugarCRM

39. Suite CRM

40. Tally

41. Text

42. Ultipro

43. Wisenet

44. Workday

45. Xero

46. XML

47. Zoho Books

48. Zoho CRM

49. Zoho Expenses

50. PostgreSQL

When asked about this huge milestone, this is what Sanal Sankar, CellarStone’s Vice President for Technology, had to share, “At CellarStone, one of our biggest purposes is to satisfy our customers by solving their problems. Having been in the business for over 2 decades, one of the things we have gotten to master over time is our integration with other tools and software like MS Dynamics AX, Oracle Fusion CRM, QuickBooks, PayPal, SFDC, and many more. QXchange’s ability to integrate with 50 DAPs (Data Access Plug-Ins) helps our existing and future customers with faster, more reliable implementations each time, helping them save time and effort every pay period. We aim to continue increasing the number of DAPs that we can integrate with in order to be of service to more businesses in the years to come.”

About CellarStone and QXchange

With more than 1,700 customers located in 50+ countries, Cellarstone, Inc. is a premier firm and market leader in the Sales Compensation Management, Sales Operations, and Sales Analytics arena. CellarStone works with IT, Finance, Human Resources, and Sales to manage and implement variable pay and sales commission systems.

Currently, QXchange has 50 direct integrations with the most popular CRM and Finance systems and business tools.

For more information, please visit www.qxchange.com.